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Luke Huffman

"I was super nervous about recording, because I was insecure about my voice and music. Kirk somehow turned that around and helped me crank out an amazing album...and then suddenly, I was performing for 800 people in Utah!"

Jared Purdee
Kendall Faull

"Kirk Hacker is the best value for the money I know to record music. He is professional, encouraging, patient, and extremely talented at taking your skill and presenting them with excellence. His equipment is top of the line. His competence and skill at recording is excellent. The atmosphere is relaxed and encouraging. He is able to help me bring my best to my recordings and honest enough to tell me when something isn't working. If I had the money to go anywhere to record, I would still choose Studio K Productions."

"If quality recording is what you're looking for, Studio K Productions should be your only stop. Kirk Hacker offers affordable prices, extensive experience, and a natural talent for bringing music to life. I've had the opportunity to write and record with quite a few talented people, but Kirk is by far the most competent and experienced producer I've worked with. I could brag about his top of the line equipment and years of experience all day, but Kirk's most valuable asset is his natural gift of understanding and creating music. He offers constructive criticism and helpful guidance in an extremely relaxed environment in order to give you the best possible version of your musical vision. Studio K Productions offers Nashville quality recording in a friendly, affordable package. You will leave feeling accomplished and more than satisfied with your final product. That's a guarantee"

Adam Towe

"Kirk has amazing equipment and is himself an amazing producer and singer. He provides professional industry level big city recording in the comfort of a small town setting."

Judy House

"Kirk is the most amazing and gifted musician I have ever met. I am a mediocre vocalist and songwriter that just wanted music soundtracks so that I could sing my original songs at church. Kirk has such an ear and he turned my good songs into great ones. He gives confidence and brings out the best in me vocally. We have recorded 11 songs and are getting ready to record one more to complete my CD -which I will be so proud to share with friends and family! Kirk's talent is immeasurable and working with him is such a blessing."

Eric Maddox
Eric Maddox.jpg

"Kirk did a great job of balancing his professional suggestions with our own creativity as artists. He is a master at what he does, plain and simple."

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